3 Content Ideas You Can Try Out Today

This article was written by Alix Kersavage, on November 10, 2021

Coming up with fresh content ideas can be a struggle! In a world of daily updates, it’s a lot to balance with your regular workload. Below are a few content ideas to get the wheels turning on your next social update for your preneed or final expense business.

A Day In the Life

Utilizing both photos and video content, walk your clients through your day. This is a behind-the-scenes look at what they can expect from an appointment with you, when they can anticipate a response via email/phone, and an opportunity to once again show them how much you care about the families you serve.  

This is a content idea that can be refreshed pretty often. You schedule may look similar, but allowing potential customers to see exactly how you protect the families you serve will never get old.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Create a status update that opens the floor for people to ask questions. Let them know you will collect all the questions and answer them in a Facebook Live session! Invite people to direct message you if they don’t feel comfortable posting directly to your status. Make sure you set a date for your Facebook live, so people know when to tune back in. It’s best to schedule it within a day or two of your post to keep the momentum.

If you don’t get a lot of questions on your post – that’s okay! Keep your Facebook live event and go over common questions. Provide valuable content to build trust with your potential customer.

Share Your Success

Security National Life provides ample sales contests for preneed and final expense insurance agents. Some of them span multiple weeks while others run on a yearly/monthly/daily basis. When you qualify for these contests, share your success! Post a selfie with your check or award! This amplifies the trust your potential customer has with you!

You can also celebrate your personal sales goals. The key to posting about your success without it feeling like you’re just about the numbers is all in how you phrase it. Look at the two posts below and notice how each of them makes you feel. Which message do you think will appeal to your potential customer?

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