2016 ICCFA Annual Convention Recap

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on April 18, 2016


From the liveliness of Bourbon Street to the freshly baked beignets, New Orleans was the perfect host for this year’s ICCFA Convention. The live Jazz band that strolled the aisles of the convention center was an added level of excitement and the team of white Clydesdale horses following the band left us all in wonder and shock! New Orleans never fails to leave you with your jaw on the floor. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet each of you from all across the United States, but also across the world!

We offer an extra congratulation to each of our prize wheel winners! We had many people stop by our booth to spin to win, and although we didn’t get a picture with everyone here is a quick recap:

20160415_115511 IMG_0617 IMG_0619ICCFA IMG_0632

We’ll see you in Charlotte, NC in 2017!

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