Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments for Preneed Agents

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments Do you know someone that was surprised on receiving their first paycheck to learn about Social Security, Medicare and tax withholding?
Did you know that these amounts may still be owed when they are not taken out of your check?
This is the case when you work for yourself as an independent contractor.

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Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee?

Carrots, Eggs, Coffee and Preneed I once worked at a funeral home alongside many “old timers” who had their certain way of doing things and refused to listen to any other way.

These people said I was crazy when I visited my preneed customer’s homes.
They told me it could never work!
“Nobody likes sales people coming to their home”, they insisted. According to them, it was impossible to sell funerals in December because “nobody buys anything around the holidays”.
Stainless steel vaults and caskets added to their list of what couldn’t be sold.

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