Interested in a Green Burial?

We are too. Let’s talk about how we can improve our burial traditions. The environmentally-friendly funeral industry is booming recently as more and more people look into the impact decomposing bodies have on our planet. But what constitutes a green burial? How can you make your pre-planning eco-friendly? Usually when […]

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Synergy: What Makes Up the Perfect Funeral?

Plan a memorial worthy of your memories with this go-to guide First things first: find your funeral director. You may be referred by a hospital or care center, but jiving with your funeral director is really what makes or breaks your memorial services. Research your funeral home, read reviews, go […]

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Funerals Around the World: Thailand

Just east of India and surrounded by Myanmar, Loas, and Cambodia sits the rich country of Thailand. This tropical climate boasts beautiful beaches, colorful marketplaces and breathtaking landscapes. One thing you won’t find on any tourist websites is a run-down of their funeral customs. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. […]

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