Socrates’ Secret to Success

One day a bright student wishing to be successful asked Socrates, “Teacher, I have studied many years with you and even though I have learned many things I still have not learned the secret to success or what it really takes to be successful. Please train me in this mystery.”

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Funeral Webcasting: A Long-Distance Solution

Funeral Webcasting for Preneed ServicesLast week I had the opportunity to recommend funeral webcasting to one of my preneed agents, from the recent loss of her uncle.

Many of her family members live out of state, and would not be able to attend the funeral.

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Preneed Manager Spotlight: Graciela Jaloma

Graciela Jaloma has been in the insurance business for over 20 years, 15 of those being focused on final expense and preneed sales. She began as an independent agent helping families and funeral homes, and then in 1999 she honed skills in recruiting, training, and managing her own agent group…

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Preneed Manager Spotlight: Jennifer Snider

Jennifer Snider is the newest Market Sales Manager for Security National Life Insurance Company. She consults regularly with South Carolina funeral home owners and firm managers of varying sizes to facilitate solutions for securing heritage, marketing needs, product development and sales programs…

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Don’t Forget to Play

Don't forget to playToday our world moves so rapidly: smart phones, iPads, social media, Skype, YouTube, the list goes on. It all piles up on top of each other, adding stress and ultimately “burn out”. What we do in preneed funeral sales is important. It requires a great deal of focus and discipline. Don’t forget to play.

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