How Lincoln's Assassination Launched the Funeral Industry [Smithsonian]

Lincoln’s AssassinationIn 1865, when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theater, no one expected that one of the longest lasting effects of that day would be a boom in the funeral industry.

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F. E. A. R.

What are you afraid of?
No really, what are you honestly afraid of?
As children, we all had different fears. The boogie man. Monsters. Girls. But those fears weren’t real.
Are you afraid of making preneed sales? If every person bought every time you went in front of them, you wouldn’t be capable of making the big commissions…

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How are you making a living?

Do you ever get stuck, doing what you have always done because it worked. But now it's not working?

There is a solution, thank goodness.
Security National Life (SNL) has a number of endorsed lead generation techniques…and they all work!!

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By Failing to Plan, You Plan to Fail

Too often in sales, potential deals do not go as planned, resulting in misdirected blame. “My competition was less expensive” or “it wasn’t the right time”, and then there’s my personal favorite, “they were not serious buyers”, sales people will say. The list of excuses often continues because it is easier to hold someone else accountable for our shortcomings.

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Alkaline Hydrolysis for Human Remains

A Green Return to Dust I thought I would do a little research about alkaline hydrolysis (water cremation) because I have been hearing more and more about it lately where I live, in Southern California. Since the cremation rate in California is over 50% now and the baby boomers tend to think more “green” than their parents, grandparents, etc., I see where alkaline hydrolysis will eventually pass the legislature and people will opt for it over “fire” cremation.

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Have you thought about transportation to a final resting place?

There are many personal reasons someone may choose to preplan their funeral. Here in South Carolina, people often tell me they are preplanning because eventually death is likely to occur away from their hometown.

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